Should we use Cannabis to treat Epilepsy? – AngelmanUK

AngelmanUK asked two professionals what their views were on using Cannabis to treat Epilepsy. These professionals were; Professor Bernard Dan, Paediatric Neurologist and Editor-in-Chief of Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology at Mac Keith Press and Dr Rebecca Burdine, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology at Princeton University and also mother to Sophie who has Angelman Syndrome.

AngelmanUK is the registered charity for Angelman Syndrome in the UK. The charity provides resources for support, education and research for parents, carers and professionals. This rare genetic disorder affects families across the world and is often recognised by the person’s very smiley and happy behaviour. The families also struggle with a myriad of other issues, such as Epilepsy, Scoliosis and extremely challenging behaviour.

We hope it helps to answer questions on using Cannabis to treat Epilepsy and educates the Angelman and wider community of the use of CBD. Visit to find out more about Angelman Syndrome.

A special thank you to Prof. Bernard Dan and Dr Rebecca Burdine for collaborating with us on this film.

Produced & Directed by
Molly Brown,
Lottie Fox-Jones,
Music by Audio Network
Created for AngelmanUK (previously ASSERT) Registered UK Charity.

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