How to Transplant Cannabis Plants – A Beginner’s Guide with Kyle Kushman #9

If you want to know how to transplant cannabis then this video is for you! In this episode, Kyle Kushman will show you how and when to transplant cannabis plants to move them on to the next stage of the grow cycle.

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When to transplant cannabis – you should transplant for the first time between one week and ten days after you plant your seedlings. Depending on the size of your plant at the time, you will need to decide whether or not you want to transplant your cannabis plant into a pot that will become its final home or a smaller, intermediate pot that will house it for the time being. Both bring their own advantages. Using an intermediate pot is more suited to beginners while transplanting directly to the final pot is better suited to growers with a little more experience.

Transplanting into an intermediate pot affords you the opportunity to further perfect your wet to dry cycles as it helps you get a better idea of the feeding and watering requirements of your plant. This is because you will become accustomed to the amount your plants drink and also the weight of a dry pot compared with a thirsty pot.

When discussing how to transplant cannabis, Kyle Kushman recommends that growers don’t pack their soil or make it too compact. This will greatly improve the results of the first watering as water compacts the soil naturally, as will planting your cannabis.

Check out everything you need to know about how to transplant cannabis and when to transplant cannabis right here!

I’ll show you how to properly transplant your young cannabis plants, as well as provide some valuable tips.

0:00 Introduction
0:11 Intermediate or Final Pot
0:52 Preparing Plants
1:30 Watering Plants
2:25 Feeding Plant
3:17 Moving To Final Pot

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How to Transplant Cannabis Plants – A Beginner’s Guide with Kyle Kushman #9

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