How to Flip Cannabis Into Flower – A Beginner’s Guide with Kyle Kushman #11

This episode of Kyle Kushman Beginner’s Guide is all about how to flip your cannabis plants from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage to lay the foundation for the final stretch of the grow cycle.

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As your cannabis plants reach the end of the vegetative phase, you will have to flip them to transition them into the flowering stage. Flipping cannabis is one of the most important steps in the latter stages of the cannabis grow cycle. How you flip will help to determine the end result of your overall grow as, once you flip them, your plants will stop vegging and begin to concentrate all of their energy on flowering.

What does flipping cannabis mean?

Flipping cannabis to flower doesn’t literally involve flipping your plants. Flipping cannabis refers to the process of facilitating the transition from veg to flower for your plants. We call it flipping cannabis as you need to flip the photoperiod, the amount of light and dark, by altering the light cycle to give your plants 12 hours of dark

Keep in mind the kinds of yields you want or expect from your plants and provide grow space for them accordingly. In general, most plants double or triple in height after they’re flipped.

Here are things you need to know and consider when flipping:

Available space. Knowing how much space you have is crucial because you don’t want the plant to outgrow its environment.

Here’s a general rule: Marijuana plants will double or triple in height from the time you flip them until the buds sites appear. That means, if you flower a 1-foot plant, you’re going to end up with a 2 to 3-foot-tall plant. They are going to grow about an equal amount in width as well. Bear this in mind, so you can keep a proper distance between the plant and grow lamps.

Potential yield. You can get 4 ounces off of a 2 or 2.5-foot plant, but not from a 1-foot plant. This being the case, make sure that you wait until the plant is at the right size before flipping.

Flipping duration. Flipping from vegetative to flowering is switching the photoperiod, which is just a fancy word for the number of hours for the light and dark cycle. Most plants need around12 hours of uninterrupted darkness to flip. This does not happen in 1 to 3 consecutive days, but certainly within a week.

You’re going to start to see little pistils. These white hairs are going stack by the thousands and grow into what we call buds. Eventually, the buds will join and form colas. It’s good to have a lighted loop when you start seeing red hairs. It is a magnifier you can use to tell when the plants are ripe. We’ll talk about it in the next segment. See you soon!

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0:11 Importance of Flipping at The Right Time
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1:32 Growing Buds And Light

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How to Flip Cannabis Into Flower – A Beginner’s Guide with Kyle Kushman #11

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