How To Grow Cannabis Week 1-9 Full DWC Veg Run/Guide to Low Stress Training (LST) – Indoor Home Grow

Whats happening growmies! Its your boy Tev and welcome to Best Buds!

You have tuned into a full DWC or Deep Water Culture Veg run, in this episode you guys will be able to follow along with everything I do during the vegetative growth period in order to get the quality and quantity im looking for come flower time. Buckle up, its a fucking 9 week update sooooo, lets get growing!


*Recommended Products*
– InDorSun – (Lighting)
– Legal Grow – (Tents & Equipment)
– Senpai Genetics – (Local Genetics)
– – (Equipment)
– Best Buds – Coming Soon – DWC & RDWC Solutions

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