The Information of Cannabidiol


So Ratios are really important. They’re discovering that that’s the, uh. that that’s really where a lot of the specific medicinal benefits as far as curing certain ailments or clearing certain diseases or For the actual effects you’re looking to you can get with the ratio, but the thing is everyone’s different it really has to do with the desired effects in the person themselves so for instance is kind of the Bare, like the line for non psychoactive or psychoactive That’s 20 milligrams of CBD to 1 milligram of THC the more you go towards one to one so if it’s in 14:1, 10:1, yeah, the product is becoming more psychoactive. Cannabidiol which is CBD and THC they’re actually catalysis for each other so you can get a lot of benefits from THC with a little CBD rather than having none or vice versa if you have CBD by itself it actually won’t be as beneficial as if you introduced a little THC to it. So for instance if you were dealing with anxiety and depression is gonna be a great ratio because you’re not going to be getting high from the THC but you are gonna be getting the benefits of the cannabinoid with the catalyst effect of the THC, but all we want to do is help people when you’re using cannabis is something that you can use daily.

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